Azerocare by Antolini: A ground-breaking new treatment for natural stone

We are excited to announce that Elements Room is among the first suppliers in the USA to offer slabs treated with Azerocare technology. So far, marble choices will be available with this treatment which is especially advantageous because of its light and sensitive surface. This treatment will make the stone about 50% harder which will then protect it against damage.

Antolini has long had a connection with the owners of Elements Room, and also has an affinity with California: “California has always been a key market for Antolini: people there love natural products, nature itself, beauty, and moreover care for quality.” Alberto Antolini, quoted in California Home and Design magazine. Read the full article here! 

Natural stone brings an element to projects that man made products cannot, in terms of being unique and a part of nature.  However, since each slab of natural stone is quarried from the earth, this brings different characteristics to each piece and it can require more commitment from the end user in terms of care and maintenance.  A hard stone like granite is relatively maintenance-free, requiring sealing on installation and periodically thereafter. Softer stones like marble and onyx require more dedicated care, in terms of being careful not to etch or scratch the surface and taking extra care to wipe up spills immediately.

Antolini, one of the most famous stone suppliers in the world, has created an innovative treatment that will change perceptions about using marble and onyx.  A family business based in Verona, Italy, Antolini is constantly exploring new innovations for the stone industry. The latest technology they developed is called Azerocare, a treatment that offers polished marble and onyx full protection from etching and staining caused by contact with acid-based food and drink. The Azerocare treatment offers this protection without compromising the colors and characteristics of the stone.  The treatment also makes the surface water-repellent and oil-repellent, so there are no concerns about stains arising from oil, fat or grease.

Antolini Azerocare

Azerocare is a permanent treatment, so once treated, there is no need for follow-up treatments. It does not react to UV rays and is safe for the environment. In addition, once the surface has received the Azerocare treatment, it remains easy to clean. Antolini recommends using water, neutral soap and a gentle cloth to wipe down surfaces.

Elements Room was created in an effort to fuse creativity with service in order to offer an innovative showroom experience. Staffed with top notch employees enthusiastic about man-made and natural stones, Elements Room by Pacific Shore Stones combines their expertise with your vision to be a resource in any project.

25 thoughts on “Azerocare by Antolini: A ground-breaking new treatment for natural stone”

  1. Can this be done on existing quartzite? I would love to have this done on my quartzite in my kitchen.

    1. Dear Terri,

      Good morning. The A ZeroCare treatment by Antolini is only available in certain materials sold by Antolini and the treatment process is done internally at their factory in Verona, Italy… unfortunately, its not a product that can be applied in an existent counter top or stone surface.

      The good news though, its that Quartzite is a very resistant stone and it doesn’t require the A ZeroCare – this treatment is only suggested for marbles.

      Thanks for your message and please, let me know if you have any further questions.

      Best Regards,
      Flavio Silva
      Elements Room.

  2. I am building a house in Miami, FLORIDA and was wondering if anyone represents your marbles treated with azerocare.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for your inquiry! We are pleased to answer all of your questions. Our main contact for Antolini Azerocare material is Flavio Silva. You can contact him at: cell (310) 488-9746 or at Elements Room (818) 308-6292.

    1. Although Azerocare works to protect all etching and staining of the material, deep scratches and gauges cannot be renewed.

  3. If Azerocare is a product used during the finishing process, how does a fabricator match the edges once the tops are cut? What is recommended for this so the edges match and are equally protected?


    1. Hello, we do carry an Azerocare kit for fabricators that costs $80. We are out of stock right now but will replenish in about 60 days. The solution is just a strong base sealer. If you need something sooner than that, we recommend a sealer by Tenax that will do the same job!

  4. Your opinion in using slabs for flooring? Will this hold up as flooring. Also will it be used for honed pieces? What is the closet location to view this product by Antolini that has been treated with Azerocare?

    1. Hello! Please contact Flavio or Linda at 818 308 6292 for more info! They can give you details on what you’re looking for. Thanks!

  5. I am an interior Designer located in Westchester County, NY. I would like to purchase slabs for clients. Where is the nearest supplier that sources the Azercare?
    Thank you.
    Susan Marocco

    1. Dear Susan,
      Good afternoon. Please, let me know what material you are interested from the Antolini A Zero Care and quantity (sq. footage), so I can better guide throughout the purchasing process. Kindly, feel free to contact me directly if you have any further questions. Thank you!
      Best Regards,

      Flavio Silva.

    1. Dear Santina,
      Unfortunately, the AZerocare cannot be applied to existing floors (or applications). This innovative technology is “applied” during the stone preparation process on the factory in Italy. Please, let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

  6. I live in California and recently purchase a slab of Antolini that was treated with Zerocare. During either transport or fabrication the countertop incurred a scratch. The fabricator polished out the scratch but the area that was polished no longer looks the same as the rest of the countertop. Is there a way to reapply the Zerocare treatment to get this area to match?

    Thank you….

    1. Unfortunately the Azerocare that was polished out of the slab cannot be reapplied because it is applied during the stone preparation process in the factory. However, Tenax, the leading brand in trouble shooting these types of issues can provide a product to restore the spot on the stone. Please contact their customer care line at (704) 583-1173 where they can guide you in what to buy. If they cannot send the product directly to you, we will be happy to get the item for you and you can then pick it up and pay at our nearest Pacific Shore Stones location. Where are you located?

  7. Hello, read it is not posible to aplly after instalatiom , would it me ok to use tanax on installed unpolished marble counter?

  8. Hello, I would like to know where I can purchase calacatta borghini treated with azerocare near Rhode Island or Massachusetts?

  9. Is there an anticipated timeframe on when azerocare will be available on honed marble? Also, what are the risks of choosing a fabricator who is not familiar with azerocare? Does it require training to ensure they do not damage the slab during fabrication?

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