Elements Room marble selection used in Boston hotel remodel

Kimpton Nine Zero Hotel

The beauty and timeless design of marble is still desired in contemporary design. In October of 2018 the Kimpton Nine Zero Hotel underwent a remodel, leaving it to now radiate contemporary, luxurious design. What once was their kick-back lounge is now transformed into a higher-end social club boasting fancy cocktails and preeminent food to fit in with the most upscale hotels in the surrounding area. Located on Tremont Street in historic Boston, MA the architects involved wanted this 3,200 square foot space to be a fun, go-to spot when out on the town while also being classy. They made an effort to create a vibe that can be enjoyed by the younger crowd as well as the higher-end Boston residents either for a fancy meal or to celebrate a win from the local teams.

Nero Marquina

Boston Hotel Remodel

At Elements Room, we take pride in our large selection of hand-picked premium natural stones,
especially our marbles and quartzites. Our operating partners travel to countries around the world and bring only the finest stones to our inventory for customers to choose from. One of our most popular and greatest designs is the Nero Marquina marble quarried straight from the North of Spain. Therefore, we are not surprised that the partners of Punch Architecture chose this stone for the main bar countertop and surrounding tables. Nero Marquina is a sleek, black marble with a distinctive white veining pattern that complements classic and modern inspired projects. The architects paired this stone with walnut flooring and rich green accents that really give the stone a crisp, clean look. Accented with antique mirrors, leather and velvet custom furniture and Persian rugs, the black marble completes the overall design and contrasts perfectly.

In addition to the Nero Marquina marble, Rosso Rubino marble was also selected to be used in the bathrooms of the club. Rosso Rubino is a red marble quarried in Italy. The creators put a backlight behind this deep red stone on the countertops to give it a unique glow that also flows with the classy vibe.

Boston Hotel Remodel

Better Sorts Social Club has been open for about six months and has received wonderful feedback. It has served as a destination for tourists as well as locals and provides a light, loose atmosphere for its visitors. The marbles selected can both be used for indoor and outdoor projects including stairs, countertops, vanities, waterfalls or fountains and more. They are sure to add a classy touch to any design project with their flawless and durable structure. Shop our selection of marbles at Elements Room here or even better, stop by to see them in person!

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