Luxury Bathroom

Bathrooms, especially the primary ones, are becoming increasingly important in the home as they are a space for refuge, self-care and restoration. Because people are spending more time at home, now more than ever they feel the need to enjoy the home. Luxury bathrooms are reflecting trends that are gaining momenta such as wellness, technology, and aesthetics.

One specific trend is the luxurious soaking bathtub with a view which is making a comeback as individuals are reclaiming time and space here in the bathroom. Non-porous surfaces are perfect for a bathtub surround because they are functional and easy to care for. Users no longer want the space to provide only basic functions but to become a place where they can relax and have an extraordinary experience.


Evolving from a place of separation to a place of togetherness, couples are looking to enjoy this space together. It has become common to integrate a coffee or wine bar in the bathroom so that users can slow down and experience their homes more. A backlit natural stone would be a beautiful option for a nook to store wine or coffee for these intimate moments.

Wellness has become a top priority but in the sense of being invisible while providing top quality. Not only is the bathroom a place to clean up but also to nurture health. Bringing wellness to the bathroom space luxuriously is important to clients these days, such as using non-porous, hygienic quartz or porcelain surfaces because bacteria cannot harbor but they still provide a clean, sleek aesthetic.



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