Organic Textures

"The aim was to take back the stone to its organic origin, enhancing its own beauty and natural imperfections, which is why each single slab becomes a unique and inimitable piece.”

Elements Room introduces an extraordinary perception: Organic Textures.

We have grown used to looking at natural stones with a polished finish and thinking “this is marble.” But in nature, a polished stone does not exist... it is an artificial process created in the Roman Era, merely to give a sense of luxury to marble. However, what is luxury these days? Perhaps whatever you make it out to be!


It all started in the Arabescato Corchia quarry of Italy. Once inside, it was noticed that all around were marble walls and ceilings with their natural surfaces. This is where the idea of the organic textures collection was born – the new concept of stone.


With this collection comes three main families: Graffiti, Moonface, and Scultura, each exhibiting unique characteristics. Graffiti can be used for interior and exterior wall cladding, exterior flooring, bathroom vanities, etc. This texture can be done on every marble, however not every marble reacts the same way. Moonface can also be used for interior and exterior wall cladding, exterior flooring, but also on interior flooring and countertops. This finish is the smoothest of the three families. Finally, Scultura (deriving from the meaning of sculpture) can be used for interior and exterior wall cladding and is best used with lights to highlight the extreme dimension.


We invite you to our showroom to check out these pieces close up and personal because when you touch them, you will be drawn to nature and leave extremely inspired!

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