The Basics Of Quartzite

Quartzite is a hard, non-foliated metamorphic rock which was originally pure quartz sandstone. The sandstone undergoes metamorphism via heat and pressure which turns the quartz grains into a dense rock. We do have sandstone options such as our Blue Deep or Palomino which means it did not undergo metamorphism. Quartzite has a high degree of quartz, more than 90%, which is why it is a great choice when durability is top priority. It tends to be smooth with a grainy and lustrous appearance but of course because it is a natural stone, all slabs wind up with their own unique characteristics. Quartzites are usually milky whites, gray or beige and although dark colors are rare, we do have several options available in every hue! The minerals in the ground water will cause the quartzite to become green, blue, etc!


6829 Taj Mahal Full Slab (1)

Quartzite is a very hard stone which is one of the key ways to tell the difference between them and their imposters. Sometimes marble or dolomite is mislabeled as a quartzite or given the name “soft quartzite.” Quartzite rates a seven on the Mohs Hardness Scale in which diamond is a ten. Although quartzites are very durable, it is always a good idea to seal your natural stone to prevent etching and keep the countertops in tip top shape. If chosen, quartzites require little maintenance and are easy to clean while giving you the look of marble but the feel and durability of granite. Because of this, it makes a great choice for bathroom vanities or kitchen countertops which are high traffic areas.


2cm Dumont-Premium-23819- QUARTZITE

Here at Elements Room we have hundreds of quartzite designs ranging from neutral options such as Mont Blanc, Taj Mahal, and Dumont to colorful options such as Alexandrita, Persa Green, and Cosmopolitan, not to mention the rare dark choices such as Brilliant Black and Belvedere.


2cm Mont Blanc - Premium-12475-QUARTZITE

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