A boutique stone showroom with stunning bookmatching displays.

Elements Room® is a new showroom concept that emerged from the desire to fuse creativity with service. This is in an effort to offer an innovative stone showroom experience. Slabs of natural stone such as granite, marble, quartzite, and onyx are displayed in a spacious, modern warehouse with state-of- the-art lighting. We specialize in bookmatch stone displays, to help clients visualize how consecutive slabs of natural stone will flow when placed together. Alongside the natural stone slabs, we offer a large range of quartz and other man-made surface options. These include brands such as Caesarstone, Cambria, Dekton, and Silestone.

Elements Room Stone Showroom
Elements Room Stone Showroom

Stone showrooms featuring natural stone and engineered quartz and porcelain located in North Hollywood, CA and San Antonio, TX with on-site parking

Elements Room® offers an elevated stone showroom experience. It is designed as a destination for interior designers, architects, builders, developers, and industry professionals looking to meet with clients outside of their home or office, with the comfort and privacy of their own meeting space. Between conference offices, presentation rooms, design studios, and creative rooms, Elements Room® has plenty of choices where you can discuss the design of your space and select the appropriate surfaces.
This flexible set up gives the customer the choice of working on their own or taking advantage of the helpful personnel who await to enhance the experience. These facilities serve as a place where design ideas come to life through collaboration of ideas in a showroom space. Visitors get hands-on experience with the featured materials in order to best select what they need. Full-size slab samples line the walls in a custom-made display to give the best representation of what is needed to fulfill your project's needs. The customer is encouraged to bring samples from their current project to better find a stone that matches their aesthetic.

A stone showroom created with interior designers and architects in mind

Combining our expertise with your vision, Elements Room® by Pacific Shore Stones specializes in slab materials from all over the world, both man-made and natural. Our team visits quarries in Brazil, Turkey, Italy, China and more, to hand select the exquisite materials we sell in store and provide a wide array of choices. With the full support of our knowledgeable, expert team, you are sure to find the perfect choice for your project.

Let Elements Room® make the process easier for you.

Partnering with architects and designers, we bring a refreshing perspective to surface selection, education, and service for all your special project needs. The experienced staff can help match you with a stone that fits all you are looking for whether the priority is a sleek, elegant look or ease of maintenance. We distribute the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing patterns as well as seek out the best of the up and coming hard surface products that make all the difference to style, comfort, and design. We provide an on-site parking lot as well, so Elements Room® is extremely accessible and hassle-free.

Elements Room Stone Showroom
Elements Room Stone Showroom
Elements Room Stone Showroom

Host your event at Elements Room®

Elements Room’s® modern layout and ambiance creates the ideal atmosphere to host events and seminars. We have hosted events for some of the top leading companies in our industry, such as Caesarstone, Cambria, Dekton, Silestone and more. We, the staff at Elements Room®, value our relationships with these suppliers and enjoy hosting them in the comfort of our space while sharing the knowledge of these beautiful materials with all who attend. By building these symbiotic relationships, we are able to provide you, the public, with the highest quality selection of natural stone, quartz and other premium surfaces that make all the difference to your current and future projects.

Why Choose Elements Room® by Pacific Shore Stones?

Elements Room® is an elevated showroom brought to you by Pacific Shore Stones. Established in 2004, we bring years of expertise and industry experience, offering an exciting showroom from a name you can trust. Pacific Shore Stones distributes high quality stone out of 15 locations nationwide. The operating partners travel to several countries to hand-select stones from quarries because they strongly believe in seeing the stones first hand and retrieving only the best of the best.

Elements Room® by Pacific Shore Stones was created in an effort to provide a workspace for architects, designers and industry professionals to work with their clients and have immediate access to materials. Located in North Hollywood and San Antonio, Elements Room® is a central location for those in the trade to meet and work on projects in their own given space while they are away from the office. In addition to their own work space, these professionals also have access to our staff in order to receive the most useful information about all of the surfaces, on demand.

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