Elevating Spaces with Innovation and Design: Discovering Atlas Plan

At the heart of Atlas Plan's success story, born in 2017, is a passion for the exceptional that has been nurtured since 1969 by its parent company, Atlas Concorde. Through a relentless commitment to quality, Atlas Concorde has ascended to the summit of the ceramic industry, delighting design aficionados and loyal customers worldwide, and Atlas Plan is no exception to their family legacy. Together, these two brands embody the pinnacle of excellence where craft, technology, and artistry converge. Their stunning array of large-format ceramic slabs extends an invitation to a realm of aesthetic and functional possibilities.

The large slabs of porcelain stoneware by Atlas Plan are more than just a product - they are an entirely immersive design system which breathes life into the finest residential, commercial, and hospitality interiors. The unique beauty and versatility of these slabs serve as an artist's palette for every innovative mind who embraces the endless potential that lies within the large format. To experience Atlas Plan slabs is to venture beyond the ordinary and into a world unfettered by limitations.

Consider a kitchen, vibrant with the anticipation of a meal shared among loved ones or a bathroom, the serene sanctuary where your day both begins and ends. Picture a premium worktop that turns a routine meal preparation into a culinary exploration, or a grand table top that transforms a casual conversation into a memorable discourse. Think of a desk that fuels your thoughts and ambitions, or a counter that interacts seamlessly with your lifestyle. They all gain a dimension of elegance and timeless appeal when dressed in Atlas Plan.

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Venture outdoors and discover the magic that these porcelain stoneware slabs weave. They transform ventilated facades and floors into visual symphonies, harmonizing with the surrounding environment while standing out in their unique sophistication.

Embracing Atlas Plan is not just about choosing ceramic slabs. It's about saying 'yes' to a design philosophy that values the aesthetic without compromising on function. It's about acknowledging the symphony of craftsmanship that dwells within each slab, ever ready to add musicality to your creations. We invite you to the dance of design, an ensemble of innovation, passion, and sophistication brought to you by Atlas Plan — where architecture meets the canvas of imagination.