is the practice of matching two (or more) stones or surfaces, so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book. This stunning Bookmatching effect is achieved when a block of veined is cut into slabs (similar to a loaf of bread being cut into slices).

How are bookmatch stone slabs created?

When a large block of stone slabs are cut from the mountain, the quarry cuts them in sequential order, similar to a giant bread slicer. Once the slabs are cut, the quarry can decide to polish the same side of every stone, or alternate, polishing opposite sides of the stone so that the veining in the slabs mirrors one another. Most natural stone slabs can bookmatch. For best results, purchase slabs in sequential order to ensure the closest veining alignment. Most vein cut natural stone slabs are ideal for bookmatching applications, but if you are uncertain if your stone bookmatches, ask your stone supplier.

What type of applications are suitable for bookmatching?

Bookmatching can be suitable for most applications. Feature walls, kitchen islands, backsplashes, open-plan showers, and even statement fireplaces are all ideal candidates for bookmatching natural stone.


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