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Granite is one of the world’s most popular stones and a favored countertop material in most projects today. In addition to quartz, it is also made up of feldspar and mica and is formed in hundreds of colors. Granite is usually predominantly white, pink or grey in color but vary depending on their mineralogy. This natural stone is quarried worldwide but most often from Brazil, Spain, India and China. The only natural stones harder than granite are rubies, sapphires and diamonds. This means it has a very durable surface and is easy to maintain. Therefore, granite is an ideal choice when performance, color, texture, ease of maintenance and durability are of the highest importance. Because this stone is so hard and tough, it has been used throughout history as a construction stone so this is a testament of how durable this material is. Granite is a great idea to use in your next kitchen, bathroom or exterior project whether it be as flooring, wall cladding or countertops because of its resistance to the elements. It is resistant to many household chemicals, heat, stains and scratches. Therefore, this stone will maintain its integrity and never show any wear and tear. At Elements Room by Pacific Shore Stones we carry a wide array of colors and designs of this material and we are eager to provide knowledge and make the choice easier for you.

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