Antolini is a well-respected name in the stone industry.

Antolini Luigi & C. is rooted in over 60 years of experience. Constantly evolving, the company has always supported new technology and development in natural stone processing. The well-known company does this without forgetting the importance of quality.

Azerocare by Antolini

Antolini is constantly releasing new, innovative technology. They have created a new treatment that will change perceptions about using marble and onyx. Azerocare offers polished marble and onyx full protection from etching and staining caused by contact with acid-based food and drink. This product makes the stone 50% harder in order to protect it from any damage. This is especially advantageous for these soft, light colored stones that are easily stained or damaged. In addition to making the stone less prone to damage, Azerocare technology maintains the colors and characteristics of the stone. The treatment also makes the surface water-repellent and oil-repellent, so there are no concerns about stains arising from oil, fat or grease.
Azerocare is a permanent treatment so once treated, there is no need for follow-up applications. It does not react to UV rays and it is safe for the environment. In addition, once the surface has received the Azerocare treatment, it remains easy to clean. All you need is water, neutral soap and a gentle cloth to wipe down surfaces

Azerobact Plus by Antolini Clean & Healthy Living

The innovative Antolini is working to respond to people's rapidly growing need for protection and sanitation in indoor spaces. Their newest invention is known as Azerobact Plus which is an exclusive process that is capable of increasing the performance of their natural stones to make them healthier and more hygienic.
By creating an antibacterial surface on the material, the process inhibits the formation and proliferation of bacteria, and therefore, contributes to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. These materials are suitable for all applications but are most relevant in the kitchen and bath areas of the home, where the need for protection is the highest.
Of course, Antolini provides these innovative technologies while never compromising the color or unique properties of the natural stone. Azerobact Plus combines beauty, innovation, and hygiene in order to guarantee an aesthetically pleasing, clean, and healthy surface. It is fully compliant with International Standards and can be cleaned with water, neutral soap, and a soft, damp cloth.

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Antolini Tech

The biggest name in natural stone has released a new line to resemble natural stone but with contemporary advantages. Antolini Tech is a collection of porcelain slabs that contain veining throughout the surface to mimic the look of natural stones. Made from pressed clay and sand exposed to extreme temperatures, these slabs are meant to serve as an alternative to natural stone. This product is extremely durable, modern, and can be used in any indoor or outdoor project. Antolini Tech is resistant to extreme weather, versatile and low maintenance. Consequently, this line is becoming a popular choice for those that want an elegant look that is easy to care for. Finally, the Antolini Tech Porcelain Collection is available in 10 different color choices to suit any project. The Antolini family conducted its very first business back in 1920, in a small workshop in Italy. Due to the strong entrepreneurial spirit, significant investments were immediately made to increase the production site and buy quarries.